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Message from District 15 Webmaster

A person who reads about your club event in the newspaper or receives a Zonta flyer in the mail (or sees it posted somewhere) or is invited to your club to hear a speaker or overhears someone talking about Zonta……...all these people are likely to first do a bit of Zonta research on the web and make a visit to your website to learn more.

So how will your website fare? Will it be inviting? Informative? Tell the person everything they need to know about Zonta…its mission, how the club projects aligns with the mission and what the club does to help women locally and globally? Will they learn more about the event or speaker?

I’ve prepared some helpful tips that I think all clubs should consider.

  • Appoint someone in your club to review the club website monthly
  • If the district 15 webmaster is maintaining the website for the club, present updates monthly – instructing her on what needs to be removed, updated, and added. (This holds true even if the website it not maintained by the district 15 webmaster).
    • All additions should be prepared in Word and should be written as the club would like it to be presented on the web.
    • Include pictures and event flyers (in PDF format is fine).
  • Make sure club events are featured on your website and the district website.
  • Your website should include a club meeting calendar, meeting place and time.
  • Club officers and directors should be listed.
  • The Zonta mission should be clearly stated and the activities/events your club is involved in should align with the mission.
  • If a club has a foundation, include all information related to the foundation.
    • Officers of the foundation
    • Contact information
    • How the money is distributed
  • Highlight service and advocacy projects, past and present.
  • Invitation to join your club.

There are many things to consider when you’re making a good website, so think it through and prepare a plan that will ensure every visitor will come away informed and ready to join Zonta!

Joanne Lose
Webmaster D15