Chartered in 1923, as a charter club of Zonta International, Flint area Zontians are committed to improving the status of women locally and worldwide.  Our membership currently averages between 30 and 40 women from a variety of traditional and non-traditional professions including law, education, medicine, and finance.  Please join us as we dedicate our time, energy, talents and resources to improving the lives of women everywhere.  Email us at: for more information.

Committee Chairs

2016/2017 Committees






 Attendance     Jennifer   Watkins Marlene Morris

 Bylaws Debby Harris Karen Smith

 Finance Chris Benson

 Advocacy DeAndra McCain

Marilyn Keen
Adrian Matthews Sally Thielen


Marlene Morris

Pat Sclater-Leiter
Membership Karen Smith DeAndra McCain Pam Costabile Pat Sclater-Leiter Dawn Wisner
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Stacy Betts
Sandi Bombe DeAndra McCain Catrina Barwick Stephanie Senn
Scholarships Rima Kudish Karen Church Sharon Rasmussen    
Service Fundraising Sharon Green

Jennifer Koester

Jenifer Watkins Mary Flore Debby Harris Sandi Bombe

Service Hands On

Jennifer Koester

Marilyn Keen

Annie Anglim Dawn Wisner Casey Schlinker  Andrian Matthews
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Marilyn Keen

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